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37 in 1 Sensor Kit For Arduino

A small box with a lot of surprises. With 37 unique sensors, you will truly understand how the physi..


Arduino Mega R3 Basic Starter Kit

Are you looking for a kit that has an Arduino with an enormous amount of pins and ample memory space..


Arduino Official Starter Kit

This Arduino official starter kit walks you through the basics in a hands-on way, with creative proj..


Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit the RFID LCD 1602 Upgraded

An arduino learning kit that has the most essential sensor and modules to jumpstart your first proje..


Intermediate Kit for Arduino for Gravity

Starting with some simple LED projects and then moving on to more complicated projects using differe..


Starter / Beginner / Learning Kit for Arduino Upgraded RFID and Stepper Driver

This Arduino starter kit has the most essential parts to get you started with the world of Arduino, ..


Starter Kit for Arduino V3

We have upgraded the Beginner Kit for Arduino! Now the latest v3.0 kit comes with more useful compon..