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Starter / Beginner / Learning Kit for Arduino Upgraded RFID and Stepper Driver

Starter / Beginner / Learning Kit for Arduino Upgraded RFID and Stepper Driver - You've come to this page: either you want to learn Arduino, or you misclicked and came here by accident. Either way, you still found a treasure. Arduino does not just teach you electronics. It trains your mind to be an engineer, turning ideas into reality with both software and hardware. Depending on the time you give to this craft, you can make devices from DIY home solutions into industry-level inventions. This Arduino starter kit contains the essential electronic components, sensors, and modules to get you started with Arduino.


Comes with a plastic case

Library: None

 Package include:

1 X USB Cable
1 X Jump Cable
1 X Breadboard
30 X 5MM LED Light
1 Pack Resistor
1 X Female to male dupond line
1 X Potentiometer
1 X Buzzer
1 X 74HC595
1 X Infrared receiver
1 X LM35
1 X Flame Sensor
1 X Ball Switch
1 X Photoresistor
1 X Key button
1 X Remote control
1 X 4-digit display tube
1 X 8*8 Dot matrix module
1 X 1-digit display tube
1 X Stepper motor driver board
1 X Stepper motor
1 X 9g Servo
1 X IIC 1602 LCD
1 X XY joystick module
1 X Temperature module
1 X Water test module
1 X RFID Module
1 X RFID keychain
1 X RFID White card
1 X Sound Module
1 X Relay Module
1 X Clock Module
1 X 4*4 Key board
1 X RGB 3 color module
1 X 9V battery Snap

Beginner Learning Kit for Arduino – Description

It is amazing to come across the Beginner Learning Kit for Arduino projects. It is a comprehensive integration of versatile tools and is a perfect collection for starters. The kit comprises several components, weapons, and tools that can enable you to generate up to 15 unique projects. Enthusiasts can develop a range of Arduino-based projects, from blinking LED to an RGB light dimmer.

Further, Arduino Starter Kit brings great opportunities for those who want to accelerate in coding, electronics, technology, and Arduino itself. This kit provides the best ways to get you acquainted with electronics and other essential elements necessary to compose a worthy project. You collect a single package of various electrical components deeply associated with the final execution of Arduino projects.

The starter kit is worth appreciable because it features various pieces labeled clearly. Users integrate some additional parts and elements, including LEDs, jumper wires as well as resistors. It allows beginners to learn the basics of Arduino programming its fundamental elements before they shift towards more advanced scenarios. Eventually, the Beginner/Starter Learning Kit will help enthusiasts understand what Arduino is all about and how one can use it to implement different projects across all phases.

Features –

Regarding navigating features, Beginners Learning Kit for Arduino promotes lots of extraordinary stuff to support both starters and professionals. Since all hardware and software are open-source, one can apply the tools from the learning kit even after having no experience in programming. Therefore, the Learning Kit is a perfect way to intrude on the segment of electronics and programming. Before we move, let’s have a cursory look at some of the highlighting specifications of the Beginner Learning Kit for Arduino:

  • First, the Learning Kit is all-inclusive for starters who want to learn to code.
  • With this kit, a beginner will have an introduction to Arduino Programing to enhance project development and management skills.
  • Further, the learning kit incorporates a great variety of electronic components, tools, and elements. Therefore, it allows you to free your hands while trying different projects.
  • The Beginner Learning Kit features quality-centric products and components to let you learn more passionately.

Starter / Beginner / Learning Kit for Arduino Upgraded RFID and Stepper Driver

Starter / Beginner / Learning Kit for Arduino Upgraded RFID and Stepper Driver

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