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Mega R3 Basic Starter Kit with Arduino

Are you looking for a kit that has an Arduino with an enormous amount of pins and ample memory space?

Then this kit would be what you need. It includes an Arduino Mega R3 that is plug and play with your PC and is already driver-ready within your Arduino IDE. This board has 54 digital I/O port, 15 of which is for PWM. It has 16 analogs I/O port. The kit includes a USB cable.

This kit also includes a component box, and 830 tie point breadboard, various LEDs, 8 pcs of 200 ohms resistor, 5 pcs of 1k ohms resistor, 5 pcs of 10k ohms resistor. It also has 30 pcs of male to male Dupont jumper wires of different lengths and colors, 2 pcs of Light-dependent resistor(LDR), a single digit numeric display, a flame sensor, IR LED, 2 pcs tilt switch, an active and a passive buzzer, and a potentiometer.

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Mega R3 Basic Starter Kit with Arduino

Mega R3 Basic Starter Kit with Arduino

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