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Starter Kit for Arduino V3

Starter Kit for Arduino V3 - 
We have upgraded the Beginner Kit for Arduino! Now the latest v3.0 kit comes with more useful components, more handy projects, and higher quality parts. And most importantly, still the same price.
Welcome to the electronic interaction world! DFRobot proudly presents the Arduino beginner kit for those who are interested in learning about Arduino. Starting from basic LED control to more advanced environmental sensing, monitoring, and actuators. This kit will guide you through the world of microcontrollers and physical computing. 

A DFRduino UNO R3 (Compatible with Arduino Uno), the most stable and commonly used Arduino processor, together with DFRobot's best-selling prototype shield are included in this kit.
The latest version of the Beginner kit has upgraded all the details based on the previous version. Besides premium quality jumper wires, double resistors, more Leds, 9g servo, IR remote transmitter and receiver, 4 more useful components are added: relay, motor, fan, and potentiometer. Now you can make more fantastic projects!

Starter Kit for Arduino V3: Description

The interactive electronic world welcomes you with valuable blessings to prompt your career in the technology domain. In the sphere of Arduino projects, there are specific tools and equipment for beginners to learn the basics and fundamental aspects of Arduino programming. The starter kit for Arduino V3 is the latest edition with av3.0framework and some extraordinary specifications. It unites productive components, high-quality parts to be fruitful for handy projects.

Further, the starter kit features the astounding part of delivering the service at the same price factor. It is a collaborative development of Arduino and Seeed to host the dual trademark of Arduino and Seeed. It is a perfect evolution for those who are interested in acquiring knowledge about Arduino electronics. Enthusiasts start handling basic LED concepts to more advanced projects, including environmental monitoring, sensing, and actuators.

Likewise, the beginner Arduino kit is particularly designed to guide users through how to manage and control the physical world through sensors and microcontrollers. It also takes care of starters’ necessities in terms of technical knowledge concerning Arduino projects. Moreover, the Arduino Beginner Kit brings jumper wires of superior quality, a number of LEDs, double resistors, IR remote transmitters/receivers, 9g servos, and 4 additional elements (fan, relay, potentiometer, and motor.

Get the Best Value with Top Quality Components in the Arduino Starter Kit!

Well, the Starter Kit for Arduino V3 is a perfect combination of high-quality components to make your training stunningly awesome. It is a brilliantly-organized unit that is compatible with Arduino R3 and Arduino IDE. These are the bestselling prototype shields based on the Arduino kit.DFRobot ensures the apex of the quality by considering stiff guidelines on hardware selection, packaging designs, and circuit production technology. Users will have no hassle integrating various components to design a specific project, especially during the learning phase.

What makes DFRobot more versatile and productive is the well-organized component system and tools to create a congenial atmosphere for beginners. When it comes to comparing the DFRobot Beginner Kit for Arduino V3 with other products, we find something worthful. Take a look:

  • DFRobot Beginner Kit encompasses a set of perfectly organized tools in their specific bags. Other kits include disorganized components that are difficult to recognize.
  • Further, the Beginner Kit undergoes strict quality parameters, whereas, ordinary kits present poor quality at all.
  • Jumper wires and other essential components are imported from Germany as compared to ordinary jumper wires that are easy to break.
  • Another significant yield is various ports distinguished by red and blue colors. Simple kit houses black-color ports that are a hassle to distinguish from one another.
  • Moreover, it also includes a clear wiring diagram, while an ordinary unit features a sloppy diagram.


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  • DFRduino UNO R3 x1
  • Prototyping Shield x1
  • Jumper Cables M/M x30
  • Jumper Cables F/M x10
  • Resistor 220R x20
  • Resistor 4.7K x20
  • Resistor 10K x20
  • Resistor 1K x20
  • 5mm LED x10
  • IR Receiver Diode x1
  • Mini Push Button x4
  • Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • Tilt Switch Sensor x1
  • 8-Segment LED x1
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor x1
  • Relay x1
  • Buzzer x1
  • Fan x1
  • 130 Motor x1
  • 10K Potentiometer x3
  • Micro Servo x1
  • Mini Control x1
  • 6AA Battery Holder x1
  • 400 Tie Point Interlocking Solderless Breadboard  x1

Starter Kit for Arduino V3

Starter Kit for Arduino V3

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