A sensor is a device that detects and responds to some input from the physical environment. The specific input could be light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, or anyone of a significant number of other environmental phenomena. The output is generally a signal that is converted to a human-readable display at the sensor location or transmitted electronically over a network for reading or further processing.

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Line Tracking Sensor for Arduino

Line tracking is the most basic function of a smart mobile robot. As you can see, line tracking is o..


Line Tracking Sensor Module for Arduino TCRT5000 LM393

The IR emission tube of TCRT5000 sensor constantly emits infrared light. Since the black absorbs lig..


Line Tracking Sensor Module Grove

Most of automated robotic projects start from a line-following robot, Grove - Line finder v1.1 is de..


Line Tracking Sensor Module TCRT5000

This IR reflective sensor utilizes a TCRT5000 to detect color and distance. It emits IR and then det..


Liquid Flow Meter - Plastic 3/4" NPS Threaded

The water flow sensor consists of magnetic core, rotating impeller, external casing and sensor, and ..


Liquid Level Sensor Analog (FS-IR02) Gravity

This is a photoelectric liquid level sensor that is operates using optical principles. The advantage..


Long Range IR Thermometer GY-MLX90614-DCI

This sensor module uses an MLX90614 thermometer sensor. The MLX90614 is an infrared thermometer for ..


Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002

Luminance Sensor Grove using APDS-9002 as lumens Sensor, provide the linear transform lumen intensit..


Luminosity / Lux / Light TSL2561 Digital Sensor Breakout

The TSL2561 luminosity sensor is accurate in calculating for Lux comparing with low-cost CdS cells. ..


Magnetic contact switch door sensor

This sensor is essentially a reed switch, encased in an ABS plastic shell. Normally the reed is 'ope..


MAX31865 RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

This is a RTD controlled temperature sensor amplifier module which works with the MAX31865 IC. The R..


MEMS Microphone Breakout INMP401 ADMP401 SparkFun

The key advantage of this breakout board is the microphone can fit in flush with your enclosure. The..


MEMS Silicon Microphone Breakout SPW2430 Adafruit

Listen to this good news - we now have a breakout board for a super tiny MEMS microphone. Just like ..


Metal Induction Detector Kit

QUICK SPECS:Supply voltage: 3-5VDimensions: 66 * 61MMMaximum detection range: 5CM1.6mm double-sided ..


Microwave Digital Sensor Motion Detection

The Microwave Digital Sensor Motion Detection applies the Doppler effect to detect moving objects us..


Microwave Doppler Radar Distance Sensor SENS-RCWL-0516

Using microwave signal it can detect a motion in 360 angle within 7 meter radius. It can support 4 t..


Moisture Sensor Grove

TheGrove - Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil, to judge if there is dampness..


Motion PIR Sensor Gravity

PIR sensors allow you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or ..


MyoWare Muscle Sensor

This muscle sensor from Advancer Technologies measures a muscle’s activity by monitoring the electri..


Night Vision Camera 5MP for Raspberry Pi

This 5MP Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi is compatible with every version of Raspberry Pi, an..


Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino Gravity

This is a non-contact water / liquid level sensor for Arduino. It utilizes advanced signal processin..


Non-Contact Liquid Level Switch

This Non-Contact Liquid Level Switch  can be triggered when the liquid level fall below the..


NTC Thermistor 10K MF52A 10PCS

A good choice for detecting temperature applications. This one is made of small type epoxy resin coa..


Optical Encoder Speed Sensor 2 Channel Module for 2WD Smart Car Tachometer

This module is ideal for the 2wd mobile platform. It is a slot type that uses optical sensor which c..


Opto Interrupter TCST2103

The Opto Interrupter TCST2103 consists of an infrared LED emitter and a phototransistor detecto..


ORP Analog Meter V1.0

In the ever-increasing need and awareness for health and safety, water has become a focus point for ..


ORP Kit Atlas Scientific

This is the ORP Kit, a large sensor kit that measures the ability of a solution to act as an oxidizi..


Oxygen Sensor I2C Gravity by DFRobot

The Gravity: I2C Oxygen Sensor is based on electrochemical principles and it can measure the ambient..


pH 10.00 Calibration Solution Liquid

pH 10.00 Works with any pH Probe 125ml (4oz) or 250ml (8oz) ±0.02 pH at 25°C Standardized ag..


pH 4.00 Calibration Solution Liquid

pH 4.00 Works with any pH Probe 125ml ±0.02 pH at 25°C standardized against NIST-certified r..