Out Of Stock Raspberry Pi Super Starter Kit with Pi 3 B+

Raspberry Pi Super Starter Kit with Pi 3 B+

This kit provides you with a Raspberry Pi Board, Power supply, Pi enclosure, cobbler, and an SD card with the necessary operating system out of which you can operate. Great for setting you on the path to building your own computer -- all you'd need to wrap it up is an HDMI monitor or television!

Kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Board
  • Raspberry Pi Extension Board
  • 40 Pin Flat Cable
  • 16G SD Card
  • Card Reader
  • Raspberry Pi Power Plug
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Acrylic Enclosure Kit
  • 40P M-F Dupont Cable
  • Jumper Wire
  • 400 Point Breadboard
  • Two Color LED  Module
  • 7 Colour Flashing LED Module
  • Tactile Switch Module
  • RGB-LED Module
  • 1 Channel Relay Module
  • Laser Head Sensor Module
  • Pl2303 module USB to TTL
  • SW520D Golden Angle sensor module
  • SW-420 Motion Sensor Module
  • Infrared Remote Control Receiving Module
  • Active Buzzer Module
  • Passive Buzzer Module
  • Reed Switch Sensor Module
  • Beam Photoelectric Sensors Infrared Shooting --
  • PCF8591 Module AD/DA Converter
  • Rain Steam Sensor
  • Dual-axis XY Joystick Module
  • Adjustable Potentiometer Module
  • Speed Measurement hall Sensor Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
  • Sound Detection Sensor Module
  • Light Dependent Resistor module
  • 3Pin Flame Sensor Module
  • Smoke Gas Sensor Module
  • Remote Control
  • Touch Module
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module
  • Rotary Encoder Module
  • Infrared Tracing Obstacle Sensor
  • DS1302 Real Time Clock Module 
  • Tracking Sensor Module
  • Plastic Box

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Raspberry Pi Super Starter Kit with Pi 3 B+

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