Out Of Stock Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Acrylic Enclosure Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Acrylic Enclosure Kit

A Raspberry Pi is a powerful mini-computer with many applications like playing videos, games, and more. The difference between a full-sized desktop computer and this microcomputer is that the latter only has built-in components. At the same time, the former is upgradeable since its components are removable. With that in mind, we also need to give our RPis an enclosure, and this item we have is one of the most common enclosures an RPi could have.
This case uses a transparent, precut acrylic sheet. It has 6 parts that need assembly for it to be an enclosure of the RPi. It also exposes only the ports like the HDMI, USB, Ethernet ports, and the Raspberry's header pins of the Raspberry Pi.
This enclosure kit includes a 5V fan for heat dissipation and screws and nuts to mount the fan into the acrylic cover.
This enclosure is made solely for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

Part List

  • Acrylic Boards  x6
  • DC Fan x1
  • Screws and Nuts

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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Acrylic Enclosure Kit

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