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Ultrasonic Ranging Waterproof Integrated Module JSN B02 V2.0

Ultrasonic Ranging Waterproof Integrated Module JSN B02 V2.0 - Are you in need of a distance sensor that used for outdoors? This ultrasonic sensor fits that requirement. Though this sensor is the same way as HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors, this one is more accurate. It is 5V operated, but it only needs 30mA current. It only needs 4 wire from your Arduino board; +5V (positive), Trig (control), Echo (receive), and GND (cathode).  It also has screw holes for easier mounting. You may use this sensor for distance measurement, obstacle avoidance, traffic control, and others. This ultrasonic sensor has a waterproof probe, but its circuit isn't.

The cord is PVC protected and around 1 meter in length. 

We also have an ultrasonic with 3.3V logic, UART output and capable of the temperature reading.

Here is a version that has no extended cord but also waterproof.


  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Static working current: 5mA
  • Working Current: 30mA
  • Acoustic Emission Frequency:40KHz

Additional Specifications

  • Wiring:+5V(positive), Trig(control), Echo(receive), GND(cathode)
  • Cable: 2.5m
  • Resolution: 5mm
  • Measurement range: 25cm-500cm
  • Measuring horizontal distance
  • Avoiding obstacles and autonomous control
  • Traffic management
  • Industrial control, security
  • Simple to Use and Small Size
  • Low Voltage, Little Power Use
  • High Precision
  • Effective Anti-Jamming
  • Equipped With A Wire-Enclosed Waterproof Probe, Appropriate For Harsh, Wet Measurement Situations
  • Specification
The basic working principle
  • TRIG Pin must be activated at 5V for at least 10us.
  • After then, the module will automatically broadcast 8 tones at 40 KHz and detect when the signal returns after reflecting off of an item.
  • A high-level signal is outputted by the IO Pin ECHO upon signal detection. The distance can be estimated by keeping note of the interval between sending and receiving the signal. Distance is calculated as (Time to Receive Reflected Signal
* Sound Speed (340M/S)).
Multiple operating modes

  • Traditional Trigger and Echo Mode: Trigger and Echo pins are used in this mode. Two digital pins must be set aside on your microcontroller, and a software timer must be used to compute the distance.
  • Small Power Traditional Trigger and Echo Method: This mode of operation is similar to the one before it, except it uses incredibly little power. During sleep, this mode uses just about 40uA of current. Perfect if you are using a battery to power the sensor. Replace resistor R19 with the inbuilt 300K resistor to enter this mode.
  • Automatic Serial Port Mode:  To activate this mode use the resistance value of 120K. In this mode, the trigger signal is not utilized. In this mode, the sensor does the distance computation, and it broadcasts the result directly over the Echo line every 120 ms.
  • PWM Output: To enter the Low-Power Serial Mode, use 47K at R19. The sensor uses 20uA while in this low-power sleep mode. The sensor awakens, calculates distance, and outputs the distance over the echo line in response to the trigger command (0x01) being received on the trigger pin. The sensor transmits data before going back to sleep.

Ultrasonic Ranging Waterproof Integrated Module JSN B02 V2.0

Ultrasonic Ranging Waterproof Integrated Module JSN B02 V2.0

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