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Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket - Have you ever had a hard time mounting an ultrasonic sensor to your project? Then, this is the solution to your mounting problems. This ultrasonic ranging sensor bracket is compatible with HC-SR04 and US100 ultrasonic sensors.

It is made with durable plastic and also mounts a circular servo horn.


  • 2.8mm – 3.1mm Thickness
  • 16mm Inner diameter
  • 3.8mm Diameter of mounting hole
  • Acrylic Material
  • Fixed ultrasonic sensor modules
  • Acrylic Body
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive Color

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket

Q1: The definition of ultrasonic sensor technology

Similar to radar technology, ultrasonic sensors emit a sequence of sounds to determine how far away an object is from the sensor. This is distinct from other level sensor options, such as gasoline level sensors, inductive level sensors, and float level sensors, which could make use of infrared or other sensing techniques. Ultrasonic sensors can be utilized as a practical substitute for numerous level sensors in the majority of industrial applications due to the adaptability and durability of ultrasonic sensing technology.

Q2: what are the Ultrasonic Technology Operating Modes?

There are numerous sensor modes available for ultrasonic technology to accommodate any industrial application. Each mode has unique advantages, constraints, and setups. Discover some of the most popular ultrasonic technology modes, and then choose the mode or ultrasonic sensor that most closely matches your intended level sensing application.

Modes consist of:

  • Diffuse
  • Reminiscent of the past
  • Only one thing
  • Hysteresis

Q3: How is your ultrasonic level sensor technologies installed?

To efficiently measure distances and levels, ultrasonic sensors must be installed correctly. The installation requirements for your ultrasonic technology will depend on the surrounding conditions, the mounting area available, and the substance being measured. Our specialists go over these and other ultrasonic sensor installation considerations as well as frequent errors that can degrade the performance and durability of your sensor system.

Q4: What are the Ultrasonic Sensors' Principles, Applications, and Limitations?

Transducers, receivers, and transmitters are the components of ultrasonic sensors. A high-frequency sound pulse, also referred to as ultrasonic waves, is emitted by the sensor's head, which then receives the wave that the target it is monitoring reflects back to it. Typically used as proximity sensors, ultrasonic sensors can detect a variety of surfaces and materials in difficult settings, depending on the type. Limitations include crosstalk, blind zones,& others.

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket

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