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DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft Straight Type

DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft Straight Type - The 6V, 180rpm DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft Straight Type is ideal for robot enthusiasts. These motors are inexpensive, small, easy to install, and ideally suited for use in a mobile robot car. The Motor Dual H-Bridge L298 Driver (sold separately) is able to complete the closed-loop PID by making use of the optional encoders. We recommend this rubber wheel for this motor.


  • Operating Voltage Range: 3~7.5V
  • Rated Voltage: 6V
  • Max. No-load Current(3V): 140 mA
  • Max. No-load Current(6V): 170 mA
  • No-load Speed(3V): 90 rpm
  • No-load Speed(6V): 160 rpm
  • Max. Output Torque: 0.8
  • Max. Stall Current: 2.8 A
  • Rated Load: 0.2
  • Operating Temperature: -10~+60 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -30~+85 ℃
  • Motor Type: 130

The benefits of using a geared motor

For quality, consistency, and dependability, Circuitrocks offers a wide selection of pre-assembled geared motors. In order to support new applications, our motors' torque range is further expanded by gearheads from our business partners in the industry. The following are some benefits of geared motors.

  • High Torque Output

When a geared motor is employed, the gear ratio and gear efficiency multiply the motor's torque. An ungeared, conventional motor will produce less operating and holding torque than a geared motor. Numerous connected advantages can be attained in addition to increased torque output and reinforced stiffness, as I shall cover below. Torque is where it all begins.

  • Speed Reduction 
Speed reducers are another term for gearheads. Speed reduction ratio is another name for gear ratios. While speed controllers handle speed reduction today, in the distant past, gearheads were utilized to lower a motor's speed. A geared motor's speed is calculated by dividing it by the gear ratio. An 1800 RPM AC synchronous motor, for instance, will run at 360 RPM with a 5:1 gearhead.

  • High Resolution
Some of my early clients for motion control applications actually used gearing to boost the resolution of their stepper motors. I suppose they wanted to avoid investing in a bipolar micro stepping driver, which was more costly at the moment, based on what I recall..

  • Drive Large Inertial Loads
In comparison to an ungeared motor of the same size, the inertial load that may be rotated rises by the square of the gear ratio when a geared stepper motor or servo motor is employed. Basically, geared motors allow you to drive an exponentially larger inertial load.

  • Shorter Positioning Time
The usage of a geared motor will result in a quicker positioning time for heavy inertial loads than a regular type motor. In the graphs below, we contrast the fastest positioning times for geared and ungeared closed-loop stepper motors operating at 5:1 and 30:1 inertia ratios, respectively.

  • Downsize
A smaller geared motor can provide the same amount of torque as a larger, ungeared motor because a gearhead can greatly improve a motor's torque. Geared motors may occasionally help with machine design reduction. See an illustration below.

  • improved Damping Characteristics
A geared motor can boost damping effects more efficiently when there is a significant inertial load or a rapid acceleration/deceleration rate. As a result, operation is more steady than with an ungeared motor, particularly during start and stop. For applications requiring the driving of a heavy inertial load, such as an index table, geared motors are the best choice..

  • Increased Rigidity
Geared motors are more torsional force-resistant and more stiff. Geared motors are thus less vulnerable to problems brought on by load torque changes than normal motors. Even with load changes, high stability and position precision are to be expected. For instance, a geared motor's increased gear friction produces more holding torque to help a surveillance camera maintain its position despite severe gusts.

DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft Straight Type

DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft Straight Type

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