Motor Dual H-Bridge L298 Driver

Motor Dual H-Bridge L298 Driver

A DC motor would only go on a specific rotation if you connected it directly to a power supply. If you want to control its rotation, as well as its speed, this module might help you do that.

This module integrates with the famous L29N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver. You could control 2 motors with this module quickly and independently. With up to 2A each on both sides, you could control a wide range of DC motors using this module.

This module can accept 7V to 24V directly for the DC motor and 5V to power-up the module. It has 4 directional LED indicators, a power indicator, a self-locking switch to turn the module on and off. It also has a heatsink for regulating the heat produced by the module.

To connect this to your Arduino, you need to use 4 digital pins, and power supply (VCC/GND).

You may use this in projects with a 2-wheeled mobile robot or to a tank platform.


  • Motor supply: 7V to 24V VDC
  • Control Logic: Standard TTL Logic Level
  • Output Power: Up to 2 A each
  • Enable and Direction Control Pins
  • Heatsink
  • Power-On LED indicator
  • 4 Direction LED indicators

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Motor Dual H-Bridge L298 Driver

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