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Breadboard SYB-120 700 pins

Solderless breadboards make it easy to assemble test circuits. They’re great for prototyping because the wires fit snug into the holes, meaning you can change the layout without having to un-solder things later. No punishment for mistakes makes trying new things fun!

This specific breadboard has 700 points to attach wires for building complex designs.  There are mounting holes on each corner and a plastic backing to protect your circuit from anything under the breadboard.  In the second picture the backing has been peeled off to show the connections between the holes.

The long lines across on the top and bottom are perfect for sharing power connections to every component in your circuit.  The vertical lines on either side of the trough make it easy to connect to the legs of an integrated circuit (IC) by putting one set of legs on each side of the trough.


  • Dimensions: 175mm * 45mm * 5mm

Breadboard SYB-120 700 pins

Breadboard SYB-120 700 pins

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