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Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear

Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear - Big breadboards are excellent. They can fit many prototyping components, and they even have useful features like an onboard power supply. Their size, however, can be inconvenient sometimes, especially in embedded applications wherein you fit electronics into tight spaces. That is the advantage of having this mini breadboard. Its measurements are 45 × 35 ×9 mm and have 2 x 17 rows of interconnected pins (5 a row) - a total of 170 pins. Additionally, it has a self-adhesive back, which is pretty useful in devices with compact dimensions.

Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear – Description

Plenty of breadboard mechanisms is available in the market. All these provide the best fit for several prototyping components to let projects work flawlessly. But Breadboard Mini 4.5 x 3.5cm Clear brings a unique set of features to be preferred by many technology enthusiasts. It captures a detailed framework in the compact design to deliver perfection for prototyping boards. With self-adhesive support in the back, the Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear offers great support for equipment with constricted physical dimensions.

Further, the Breadboard device integrates a pattern of 2 x 17 rows of interconnected pins. Hence, you can find a total of 170 pins with 5 pins deployed in every individual row. There’re certain situations when you have to embed electronics into compact and tight spaces. This is the appropriate destination where this Mini Breadboard comes to accommodate your complications. The unit fits accurately with a portable and compact size; measuring 45 x 35 x 9 cm across the overall physique. When it comes to describing the integration of pins, users get a worthful pattern of rows in the 2 x 17 combination.

All in all, the Breadboard Mini 4.5 x 3.5cm Clear offers an appropriate stage to be a productive unit for those that need compact dimensions. Technologists can implement the breadboard for experimental, robotics, and testing purposes. It supports the phosphor bronze nickel-plated spring clips that can accept a variety of sizes. On the back, the breadboard integration features a peel and stick adhesive backing alongside two mounting holes you can consider for M2 screws.

Features &Specifications:

Breadboard Mini 4.5 x 3.5 cm Clear reflects numerous features and specifications on the board. Technicians are about to reap several benefits by mounting the unit in their required projects. Let’s have a scan of its various characteristics:

  • 170 Tie Point–The mini breadboard houses a 170-tie-point mechanism. You can see 17 columns of 10 holes. There is a central notch as well to separate the rows into two parts with 5 rows on each side.
  • Self-adhesive – Self-adhesiveness is another prominent quality of the Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear unit. It helps users to integrate the system with multiple devices that have a compact physical measurement. The plate has a peel and sticky adhesive on the back.
  • Can be interlocked–It is another one of the creative features of the mini breadboard. The compact design with self-adhesive backing permits you to interlock the device conveniently.
  • Usages –The Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear can be used for several motives, including testing, experimental, and robot. It installs a matching jumper with a diameter of 0.8mm. Moreover, it also accepts wires sized 20 to 29 AWG.
  • Dimensions–The physical dimensions of the mini breadboard measures 45 x 35 x 9 mm. Hence, it is great equipment with a compact shape to give your robotic project a worthful touch.

Overall, Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear is a comprehensive unit to serve your motive with a small-sized design and 170-tie-point mechanism.

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Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear

Breadboard Mini 4.5x3.5cm Clear

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