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WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 Arduino Nodemcu Compatible

WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 Arduino Nodemcu Compatible -  The massive support in Arduino UNO led to several shields tailored in that specific form factor. On the other hand, the NodeMCU, a powerful board capable of serial WiFi, is also popular but doesn't have that many accessories compared to Arduino UNO. This item is the perfect blend of Arduino UNO versatility and NodeMCU processing power, and WiFI capabilities. The WeMos D1 ESP8266 Arduino UNO board is exactly what you're looking for if you want to integrate UNO shields into a WiFi capable board. I mean, just imagine the possibilities.

ESP8266 Functions

Microcontrollers may connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using IEEE 802.11 bgn thanks to the ESP8266 module. It can be used as a self-sufficient MCU by running an RTOS-based SDK, or it can be utilized with ESP-AT firmware to offer Wi-Fi connectivity to external host MCUs. The module has the capacity for data processing, reading, and control of GPIOs. It also features a complete TCP/IP stack.

The ESP8266 can be used in a wide variety of IoT projects. These are only a few of the uses for the chip:

  • Using the module's Wi-Fi antenna, embedded devices can communicate with routers and send data.
  • Processing of basic analog and digital sensor inputs for use in considerably more complicated calculations using an RTOS or Non-OS SDK is referred to as "data processing."
  • Utilizing IoT P2P connectivity, establish direct communication between ESPs and other devices.
  • Access HTML or programming language pages using a web server.

Chip versus Modules versus Development Boards

As was already said, the chip's name is simply ESP8266. You may purchase this in roughly three formats:

Espressif's entry-level ESP8266 chip is unshielded and requires to be soldered into a module. It is the company's primary chip. With the possible exception of high-volume device makers who can include this in the production process within the unit cost of a module, this is not appropriate for the majority of consumers.

  1. Modules for ESP8266:Espressif, Ai-Thinker, and a few other manufacturers produce the surface-mountable modules with the chip that are prepared to be placed into an MCU. The FCC has typically shielded and permitted their use. In light of this, they represent a viable choice for device manufacturers seeking to increase output.
  2. ESP8266 Development Boards: These are fully assembled IoT MCU development boards with preloaded modules. They are employed by designers and manufacturers to produce prototypes before beginning production. Development boards are made by numerous companies, and each model has a particular set of specs. 

When evaluating ESP8266 IoT development board possibilities, some fundamental requirements to be aware of include:

  1. Wi-Fi antennas, GPIO pins, and ADC pins
  2. LEDs, Shielding, Memory


  • Work voltage: 7-12V
  • Arduino + ESP8266 WIFI in one board
  • Save more space
  • Easy to use
Library: None


  • 1 x Arduino Uno ESP8266 Wifi Board

WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 Arduino Nodemcu Compatible

WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 Arduino Nodemcu Compatible

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