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Ball Caster 3PI N20

This ball caster can be used as a general-purpose ball caster. This ball caster will fit this mobile..


Caster Wheel for 2WD Mobile Platform

This is the same caster wheel underneath of the 2WD Drive chassis.  It can support a paylo..


Caster Wheel Steel Ball W420

If you are looking for a wheel that moves freely and can run in any direction without turning, you c..


Front Axle Steering Gear Kit

Here's a dashing solution for your mobot steering problems! The Front Axle Steering Gear Kit is equi..


Metal Ball Casters

Metal Ball Casters, 1mm thick steel plate from the machine stamping, it has the capability to suppor..


Motor and Rubber Wheel Kit

Motor and Rubber Wheel Kit. This is a quality pack for indoor robots especially our Home Care Robot ..


Rubber Off-Road Wheel 55mm

These are your basic off-road wheel, 55mm wheels with black rubber tires. These wheels are the same ..


Rubber Wheel 136×24mm Kit

This is a DFRobot designed black rubber wheel kit. The custom-designed kit contains two 136mm rubber..


Rubber Wheel 136×24mm Pair

This is a DFRobot designed black wheel for mobile robots.  After testing more than 6 different ..


Rubber Wheel Compatible with Servo & DC Motor Pair 80 x 30 mm

This rubber wheel is quite versatile. It can be mounted on a standard servo motor or a DC motor..


Rubber Wheel D65mm for Arduino Robotics

It's always fun adding mobility to your robot projects, and this Rubber Wheel D65mm for Arduino is d..


Rubber Wheel N20 ABS 34 x 6.5mm miniQ Car

This rubber coated plastic wheel has a flexible opening to accommodate a 3mm D type motor shaft such..


Rubber Wheel N20 ABS 34 x 6.5mm miniQ Car White

If you're searching for a spare tire for your mobile robot, then this rubber-coated plastic wheel is..


Rubber Wheel N20 ABS 43x19mm

QUICK SPECS:Diameter: 43mmThickness: 19mmAperture: D type 3mm holeMaterial: ABS plastic + rubberComp..


Rubber Wheel N20 ABS 43x9mm Pair

This custom-designed rubber wheel has a rubber tire with a diameter of 1.69" (43 mm). It is designed..


Single Direction Caster Wheel for DIY Small Cart

Struggling to find a caster wheel for your DIY vehicle? Worry no more! This Single Direction Caster ..


Tank Track Rubber

This Track Tank Rubber creates a large degree of adjustability in creating your first DIY Arduino or..


Thin White Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motors 65mm Diameter

We're keepin' it wheel with this one! Plastic gear-box motors (also known as 'TT' motors) are an eas..


Tire Narrow Tamiya 70145 Set 2PCS

Use the pair of tires in the Tamiya 70145 narrow tire set for small and medium-sized robots that mus..


Tire Off-Road Tamiya 70096 2PCS

The two extremely springy tires in the Tamiya 70096 off-road tires set are about 50 mm in diameter a..


Tire Slick Set Tamiya 70192 4PCS

The Tamiya slick tire set contains four wheels with arched tires, each with a diameter of 31 mm (1.2..


Tire Slim Set Tamiya 70193 4PCS

The Tamiya slim tire set contains two wheels with a diameter of 36 mm (1.4") and two wheels with a d..


Tire Spike Set Tamiya 70194 2PCS

The Tamiya 70194 spike tire set includes two wheels designed for bumpy and rough surfaces, each with..


Tire Truck Set Tamiya 70101 4PCS

The Tamiya 70101 truck tire set contains four 36 mm-diameter wheels with hard, rubber, 16 mm-wide tr..


Track Set 22T Black Pololu

This track set includes a pair of 22-tooth silicone tracks, two black drive sprockets measuring 35 m..


W420 Steel Ball Universal Wheel N20

This caster wheel is ideal for sumobot, mbot, and other robotic platforms.Steel ball size and materi..


Wheel D80mm Silicone For TT Motor

This is a DFRobot designed silicone wheel comes with high quality ABS material wheel hub and silicon..


Wheel Rubber Tire A2WD 65mm

This wheel is lightweight and practical for robotic projects. If you need a motor gearbox, this whee..


Wheel Solarbotics RW2

The Solarbotics RW2 is a 1.1-inch diameter rubber wheel for 3 mm diameter output shafts. These wheel..