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Jumper Wires Male - Male 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male - Male 30cm 20PCS -  Jumper wires are the bread and butter of breadboard prototyping (no pun intended). They help you connect almost anything to your Arduino board, so it is always wise to have some in your workshop. Be careful, however, when left unattended, they seem to tangle like there's no tomorrow. Well, you can always buy another set.

  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 300mm / 30cm
  • Connector Type: Male - Male
  • Color: Combined

30cm Jumper Wire Male-Male –Description

It is a perfect scenario to embed breadboard units without soldering. Do you look for a relevant component to meet your Arduino needs when it comes to executing connections? This is where jumper wires (DuPont) pave the way for you! It is a good article to perform connections on breadboard units, Arduino platforms, PCB projects, and breadboard connections.

It is the illustration of male-to-male jumper wires that come with a length of 30 centimeters. The collection hosts a blend of 20 pieces of jumper wires that further reflect a good presentation of colors. Colors don’t signify any specific purpose though; they help users differentiate connection points available on the breadboard as well as other prototyping elements.

Furthermore, a jumper wire is an electrical wire(s) that carries a connector or pin at each end. Since we have male-male jumper wires under consideration, this development features male pins at both ends to help clients embed the wire in the female pin. It allows users to interconnect the pins/components of a breadboard as well as other prototyping circuits. You can manage internal connections with other equipment/components without undergoing soldering.

30cm Jumper Wires Male to Male are proficient tools in the designing of breadboard circuits and Arduino Pi projects. It shows full compatibility with the likes of 2.54mm mil spacing pin headers to be a more fruitful element in the scenario. You can insert the male end into the female socket on the other side to create connections. The distance between the applicable units will not be a bar since the cable length is 30cm. Simply, you will have to insert the end connectors into the slots given in a breadboard, circuit board, a piece of test equipment, and the header connect.


  • Jumper wires are durable and reusable.
  • It has good compatibility with 2.54mm mil spacing pin headers.
  • The plugging and unplugging will be easier for prototyping.
  • It offers greater working conditions.
  • Jumper wires are easy to install and use.
  • It is the foremost choice of engineers for construction and repair purposes.
  • Moreover, jumper wires present 30pcs chromatic colors.
  • It is highly useful for Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi Arduino and other Mini-PC and development boards.
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Inclusions: 20 x Jumper Wires Male - Male 30cm 
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Jumper Wires Male - Male 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male - Male 30cm 20PCS

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