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Weight Sensor Kit 5KG

If you're looking for an accurate weight sensor device for your Arduino projects, then this item is for you! This weight sensor kit handles up to 5kg and requires no assembly. You only need to connect 4 wires to the device - two for power and ground, and another pair for analog pins. Using a 1-liner from the HX711 library you can now get the weight value! 


  • Dimension: 170*115 mm
  • Working Voltage: 3.3*10 V
  • Max Output Voltage(mv): Power Voltage*2.0; for example, when power by 5V voltage, the full scale(20 Kg) output voltage is 10 mv



  • 1 x Weight Sensor Cell 5KG
  • 1 x HX711 ADC


Weight Sensor Kit 5KG

Weight Sensor Kit 5KG

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