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USB Cable Type B to Type A Male for Arduino Uno / Mega

USB Cable Type B to Type A Male for Arduino Uno / Mega -  This component is essential in programming for programming your Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. This cable is 1 foot long (12 inches), has a male Type B USB on one end and a male Type A USB on the other end. The color for this component is blue, and it is somewhat translucent enabling you to see the insides of the cable, though it is not clear. This cable is suitable for usage on your Windows/Mac computers that have a female Type A USB port.

USB Cable Type B to Type A (Male) – Perfectly Designed for Arduino Mega/UNO

If you're looking to connect Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino UNO to any other board that integrates the USB female A port, the USB Cable Type B to Type A is a tool for you. It is an efficient solution to build consolidated associations between different projects with USB female provisions.

The USB Cable Type B to Type A is a universal application that comes in a length of 1 foot that makes approx. 52 cm. It brings solutions to versatile issues one can encounter while establishing wiring connections. The data transmission becomes smooth and quick through this wired establishment. It is capable of transferring data between printers, Arduino the other compatible USB boards.

Further, the standard-issue USB 2.0 cable is well compatible with many SFE integrated USB boards. Also, the cable meets compatibility issues related to USB Arduino boards i.e. thee UNO. One of the top priorities of the USB Male Cable is to serve you with reliable solutions when it comes to pushing data from one destination to the other.

The USB Type B to Type A is quite compatible for usage on your Windows as well Mac computers that install female Type-A USB ports. Apart from that, users can use the cable to connect Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega 2560, and nay similar board with the USB female Aport. It is crucial to note that USB cables with cheap quality or faulty USB cables can harm your systems and printers. It can create errors again and again and deteriorate the quality standards.

Hence, you need to invest in high-quality USB B to USB A cables to ensure worthful and hassle-free data transmission solutions.

USB Cable Type B to Type AMale – Features

Want to have a thorough analysis of various specifications and features of the USB cable? Read on to grab some of the prime highlights of the same:


Compatibility is the major consideration you can look for in a USB cable. The USB Cable Type B to Type A is fully compatible with multiple types of equipment in the setting. It can work with your PC, printer, Arduino UNO, Mega, and other devices with USB Type-A ports.

Color and Size

The color of the cable is blue. However, the color and the shape may vary slightly from images shown on the website. As far as the size is related, it measures 1-feet or 12 inches or 52 cm.

Aluminum Execution

The cable integrates aluminum under the molded shield to capture a rigid physique. Also, it helps compliance with FCC requirements on KMI/RFI interference.

Quick Data Transmission

The cable gets PVC over-molding along with molded strain relief profiles. It brings you error-free data transmissions across a lifetime.


This is, of course, amongst the top perks of the USB cable. It features support for a range of equipment and computer devices with USB Type-A port integration. You can transmit data between printers, computers, PCs, and any other system with a USB A port.

USB Cable Type B to Type A Male for Arduino Uno / Mega

USB Cable Type B to Type A Male for Arduino Uno / Mega

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