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Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015 - This is one of the best solutions to any distance-measuring/obstacle avoidance sensor that you can get your hands on. With the right programming, you can accurately measure the distance between the sensor and any object or wall at a maximum distance of four meters. Moreover, its stable performance and high-ranging accuracy make it a popular module in the electronic market. Compared to the HC-SR04, this delivers a better measuring resolution but with the same ranging distance.


  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Quiescent current: <2mA
  • Effectual angle: <15°
  • Ranging distance: 2cm – 400 cm
  • Resolution: 1 cm
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 40k Hz
  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: 2.0 x 4.3 x 1.5cm

How to use?

  • Although the sensor in the figure is identified as HC-SR04, the connection for US-015 VCC connect to Arduino 5V is identical.
  • Arduino I/O connected to trigger ( any PWM pin)
  • Echo and Arduino I/O connected ( any digital pin)
  • Connect GND to the Arduino GND.
  • The docs below reveal the coding.

  • DC 5V is the operating voltage.
  • 2.2 mA of current
  • Four-pin pinout Range of Sensing: 2 to 400 cm
  • Sensing Angle: 15 deg.
  • Precision: 0.1cm +/- 5%
  • Benefits: More accurate than HCSR04.
  • 45 (L) by 20 (W) by 16 (mm) (H)
  • Size: 10 g

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015

Q1: Does my Sensor need to be calibrated?

Since this is managed by a precise crystal clock, there is no calibration or adjustment of distance. The measuring circuits are put through a performance test.
For the reasons outlined above, standard production sensors are not individually checked for distance accuracy. Utilizing N.I.S.T. traceable calibration facilities, which can be hired for particular projects, measurement accuracy can be validated.

Q2: How can I obtain the most precise data?

Before shipping, the Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015's Analog outputs are factory calibrated with the last cable connected to allow for variations in component values. The final accuracy of the Analog outputs can be impacted by a variety of factors, hence they are not officially validated. Scaling of the Analog output is another feature of the sensor software that adds versatility. Serial connection utilizing the Modbus protocol provides access to the most precise and high-resolution data.

Q3: Do I Need Surge Protection Installed?

For typical circumstances, the sensor features built-in general surge protection. If you are installing it in an area where lightning strikes frequently, you might want to add additional protection because it is not designed to be a lightning protector. Surges can also harm the sensor if a sizable motor load is switching on and off on the same circuit. Avoid doing this since it may result in grounding troubles.

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor US-015

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