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Tweezers Precision Straight Rhino SW 11

King Arthur carried Excalibur and Thor wields Mjölnir, but the Electrical Engineer? She will always have a pair of excellent tweezers at the ready such as these Rhino SW-11 Tweezers! They are sharp, straight, and super luxurious.

These  are our favorite pair of small-component-grabbing tweezers. They're anti-static, anti-magnetic, anti-acid, conductive, and made of hard and frosted stainless steel (although the tips are so difficult to bend, we think perhaps they are made of Adamantium!)

These tweezers are super high precision meaning they're fine and pointy to pick up any sized component. 0402 and 0201 can be handled. This particular model is ~139mm long with a ~10mm / ~0.4" gap at the tips while open; this allows it to pick up most small and medium sized components, including chips and connectors, for placement and steadying during soldering!

Tweezers Precision Straight Rhino SW 11

Tweezers Precision Straight Rhino SW 11

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