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Triac MOC3041 Output Optocoupler

The MOC3041 is a zero-crossing Triac-driven optocoupler. Optocouplers, also known as Opto-isolators, are chips that transfer power between two isolated circuits using light. The MOC3041 consists of an infrared LED and a TRIAC in a hermetically packaged IC. To control the current flowing out of the MOC3041, you need to set the amount of light the LED would emit. The brighter the LED is, the more current is allowed to pass through the TRIAC. The main advantage of optocouplers is their high electrical isolation between the input and output terminals allowing relatively small digital signals to control much large AC voltages, currents, and power.


  • Photo-Triac Output
  • 7500 V Isolation
  • 400 or 600 Vpeak Blocking Voltage
  • Low-Cost Dual-in-Line Package
  • Zero Voltage Crossing

Triac MOC3041 Output Optocoupler

Triac MOC3041 Output Optocoupler

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