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Track Set 22T Black Pololu

This track set includes a pair of 22-tooth silicone tracks, two black drive sprockets measuring 35 mm (1.4″) in diameter, and two matching idler sprockets along with mounting hardware. To work properly with the track, the drive and idler sprockets should be set up approximately 48 mm (1.9″) apart. The drive sprockets are designed to work with 3mm D-shafts, such as those on our micro metal gearmotors and mini plastic gearmotors. These are the same tracks and sprockets we use on our Zumo chassis and robots.


This set contains components for adding a tracked drive system to a small robot or vehicle. It consists of:

  • Two silicone tracks
  • Two ABS drive sprockets
  • Two ABS idler sprockets
  • Two M3 shoulder bolts with a 5mm threaded portion
  • Two M3 shoulder bolts with a 12mm threaded portion
  • Two washers and M3 nuts


  • Size: 22T (48 mm between sprocket centers)


  • Color: black

Track Set 22T Black Pololu

Track Set 22T Black Pololu

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