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TP4056 Mini USB Battery Lithium 18650

Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries that charge using BMS. For a wide range of applications, from lighting up an LED bulb to powering up a microcontroller. This charging module adds portability to your project. It can eliminate the removable battery and charge them through a mini-USB.

This module uses a TP4056 chip, which is a Li-ion battery charger. It has a micro-USB port and solder pads to be used for the power supply to charge the battery.

When in use with a charger, the output pins draw current from the charger module, and the remaining current goes to charge the battery. It has an under-voltage and short circuit protection. The full charge voltage of the battery is 4.2V. It has LED indicators that indicate charging(red) and full charge(blue) status.

TP4056 Mini USB Battery Lithium 18650

TP4056 Mini USB Battery Lithium 18650

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