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Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90

Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90 - You absolutely know this motor if you're a seasoned Arduino maker. Interfacing an SG-90 servo motor is like a rite of passage in this craft. The Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90 is a lightweight servo motor that rotates 90 degrees in both directions. It works just like its bigger brothers but without the need to use a motor controller. It's best for prototyping and quick fixes. 



  • Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0V
  • Operating Speed: 0.12sec/60 degree(4.8V)~0.1sec/60 degree(6.0V)
  • Torque: 1.6kg/cm(4.8V)
  • Dead Band Width: 5usec
  • Temperature Range: -30~60 
  • Cable Length: 25cm
  • Brand name: Tower Pro
  • location of each pin: red (+), brown (-), yellow (signal).

Tower Pro SG-90 Mini Servo Motor – Description

Do you search for a mini servo motor that can support your Arduino projects? The Tower Pro SG-90 9g Mini Servo Motor obtains the potential to ais your projects with matchless satisfaction. It is designed using high-quality materials to create lightning-fast working speed and exceptional performance under diverse environments. As per physical parameters, the mini servo motor weighs quite light through the portable and compact build.
Further, the prime ambition behind assembling the servo is to make it eligible to work with almost all sorts of radio control systems. Hence, enthusiasts can embed the servo with lots of accessories and it is a reliable solution for plane, car, R/C helicopter, truck, and boat use, etc. The Tower Pro SG-90 Mino Servo reflects the exceptional potential to receive and processes PMW signals in a faster and better way. It is a 180-degree rotation servo that further equips sophisticated internal circuitry.

Therefore, the mechanism is capable of delivering great holding power, good torque as well as faster updates while responding to external forces. The unit builds by equipping Carbon Fibre Gears that offer the facility to be a lightweight system as compared to the same metal motor. Enthusiasts can implement the metal gear for small load applications to mount unnecessary weight to the unit. Thus, it is recommended to cultivate the services of these lightweight plastic gear servo motors.

The Wire Mechanism

On the prima facia, people can witness the Servo Mini Tower Pro SG-90 Motor having embedded and equipped with three types of wiring profiles. It is available in three colors to make it easy while identifying the right wire for the right place. Here is the wire description you can consider to manage the circuit flawlessly:
  • RED: Positive
  • Brown: Negative
  • Orange: Signal
Significantly, the Servo Tower Pro Motor brings a reliable solution for those who get themselves entangled while managing the wiring on the unit. The colorful combination of wires makes it smooth to create appropriate connections and obtain the desired performance from the motor.
Features –
Underneath, we have listed some key features of the Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90:
  • Faster control response
  • Greater holding power
  • High resolution
  • Easy to implement
  • Flawless positioning
  • Constant torque across the servo travel range
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality materials





  • 1 x Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90
  • 2 x Bolt
  • 1 x Screw
  • 3 x Servo Horns



Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90

Servo Mini Tower Pro 9g SG-90

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