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IC 555 Single Timer 3PCS

The NE555P Timer IC is a versatile and widely used integrated circuit perfect for electronic design and hobby projects. It generates precise timing pulses, delays, and oscillations, making it essential for building reliable and efficient circuits. Whether you're an experienced engineer or a beginner, this IC offers simplicity and flexibility for various applications, from basic timers to complex waveform generation.

With its robust performance, the NE555P operates within a supply voltage range of 4.5V to 15V and can handle output currents up to 200 mA. This makes it suitable for driving LEDs, motors, and other components. You can easily adjust its timing characteristics using external resistors and capacitors to meet the specific needs of your project. Its precision and stability make it ideal for applications requiring accurate timing and control.

The NE555P Timer IC is known for its ease of use and comes in an 8-pin DIP package, simplifying integration into your circuits. Its straightforward pin configuration and minimal external components make it user-friendly for both prototyping and final designs. By choosing the NE555P, you get a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective solution trusted by the electronics community for decades.


  • Pin 1: Ground (GND)
  • Pin 2: Trigger (TRIG)
  • Pin 3: Output (OUT)
  • Pin 4: Reset (RESET)
  • Pin 5: Control Voltage (CTRL)
  • Pin 6: Threshold (THRES)
  • Pin 7: Discharge (DISCH)
  • Pin 8: Supply Voltage (Vcc)



  • Supply Voltage (Vcc): 4.5V to 15V
  • Supply Current (Icc): Typical: 3 mA at Vcc = 5V  / Maximum: 10 mA at Vcc = 15V
  • Output Current (Io):  Sink (Low): 200 mA maximum / Source (High): 200 mA maximum
  • Output Voltage (Vo):  Low (VOL): 0.25V at Vcc = 5V, Io = 3.5 mA / High (VOH): Vcc - 1.5V at Vcc = 5V, Io = -3.5 mA
  • Trigger Voltage (Vtr): 1/3 Vcc
  • Threshold Voltage (Vth): 2/3 Vcc
  • Control Voltage (Vc): 2/3 Vcc
  • Discharge Voltage (Vd): Low: 0.1V
  • Reset Voltage (Vr):  Minimum: 0.3V / Typical: 0.7V
  • Minimum Frequency: Less than 1 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency: Up to 500 kHz


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IC 555 Single Timer 3PCS

IC 555 Single Timer 3PCS

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