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Tilt Switch SW200D

Tilt Switch SW200D - This sensor is a component that can detect the tilting of an object. It contains a metal ball inside that will connect the two pins of the metal tube if the sensor reaches a certain angle. You may use this for your projects that detect the orientation of an object. You can use a 1k resistor to make a pull-up voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tilt Switch SW200D

Q1: What is the SW200D pivot switch?

The perspective of an item is determined by an electrical component called a tilt switch SW200D. A metal ball or mercury switch travels inside a sealed receptacle with two electrical contacts. The metal ball moves and makes touch with one of the electrical contacts when the switch is turned or moved, closing the circuit and initiating an action.

Q2: How does a shift switch SW200D operate?

The power of gravity is used by a tilt switch SW200D to identify changes in orientation. When the switch is horizontal, the metal ball inside the container is in the centre and makes no touch with either of the electrical connections. When the switch is tipped, the metal ball moves and makes touch with one of the contacts, closing the circuit and causing an action to be triggered.

Q3: What are some of the most frequent uses for a tilt switch SW200D?

Tilt switches SW200D are frequently used in alarm systems, electrical toys, and vehicular uses, where they can sense changes in orientation, such as movement or vibration, and initiate an action. They're also used in commercial uses like level monitors, which sense the amount of liquid in a container.

Q4: What are the benefits of using a SW200D pivot switch?

One of the benefits of using a tilt switch SW200D is that they are small and easy to integrate into electrical devices. They are also inexpensive, dependable, and require little electricity to work. They are also adaptable and can be used in a variety of uses.

Q5: What measures should be taken when using the shift switch SW200D?

It is critical to ensure that the tilt switch SW200D is firmly attached to prevent it from shifting or vibrating. It is also critical to avoid exposing the switch to extreme temps or environments that could harm it or cause it to fail. Additionally, when using the switch, it is critical to observe the manufacturer's guidelines and specs to guarantee optimal performance.


  • SW-200D is a dual ball type tilt-sensitive trigger switch.
  • When the products tilt to the conductive terminal (silver-feet pin end A) and the tilt angle more than 10degree, it will be an opened circuit ”OFF-stated”. When the products of horizontally placed tilt change, the trigger terminal (gold-feet pin end C) is below the horizontal tilt angle and more than 10degree, It will be a closed-circuit “ON-stated”.
  • In a horizontal position, be easy to trigger with a shaking. or not when silver foot down.
  • The product is completely airtight, waterproof, dustproof
  • Switch life span can reach 10,0000 cycles

Tilt Switch SW200D

Tilt Switch SW200D

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