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Temperature Infrared Sensor Grove

This Grove-Infrared temperature sensor is a non-contact temperature measure model.The sensor is composed of 116 elements of thermocouple in series on a floating micro-membrane having an active diameter of 545μm and with blacken surface to absorb the incident thermal infrared radiation, which induces a voltage response at output terminals.


  • Grove compatible interface
  • ŸWide supply voltage range: 3V~5V
  • ŸZero drift amplify current
  • ŸPower consumption: less than 0.6mW
  • ŸTemperature measure range: -10~100°C
  • ŸMeasure accuracy: ±2°C
  • ŸNominal measure distance: 9CM
  • 2.0cm x 4.0cm Grove module

Application Ideas

  • ŸMotion sensor
  • ŸThief-guarding System
  • ŸSwitch
  • ŸIndustrial automation
  • ŸBody distance check

Temperature Infrared Sensor Grove

Temperature Infrared Sensor Grove

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