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Tank Track and Wheel Set Tamiya

The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set is designed to be used in conjunction with multiple Tamiya products. You can use a Tamiya Universal Plate Set for mounting the wheel and sprocket shafts and a Tamiya gearbox to drive the sprockets. The varying track length, sprocket, and wheel sizes allow for flexibility when designing your own robot.


  • Tracks x 30 Links   x2
  • Tracks x 10 Links  x2
  • Tracks x 8 Links  x2
  • Large Drive Sprockets  x2
  • Large Idler Wheels  x2
  • Large Road Wheels  x6
  • Small Road Wheels  x10
  • Various Drive and Slip Shafts  x1
  • Various Screws and Hardware  x1

Tank Track and Wheel Set Tamiya

Tank Track and Wheel Set Tamiya

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