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Switch Drive High-power MOSFET Trigger Module

If you're looking for a heavy load driver that is not as noisy as a standard relay, this item is for you! This MOSFET Drive Switch consists of two MOSFETs in parallel to provide a lower internal resistance and greater power output. You can connect any logic level between 3.3 - 20VDC as a trigger source, which basically covers all standard logic level including Arduino (5V). You can use the MOSFET module to control a high power motor or an LED flood light by connecting it to external power and the microcontroller of your choice.  


  • Operating Voltage: DC 5V - 36V;
  • The trigger source: digital high-low (DC3.3V - 20V), can be connected microcontroller IO port, PLC interfaces,  DC power, you can access the PWM signal, the signal frequency 0--20KHZ perfect support.
  • Output capacity: DC 5V - 36V, at room temperature, continuous current 15A, power 400W! Lower auxiliary cooling conditions, the maximum current up to 30A.
  • Applications: You can control the output of power equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro-pumps,  solenoid valves, etc.. You can enter
  • PWM, motor speed control, lamp brightness.
  • Availability: unlimited switch
  • Operating temperature: -40-85
  • Dimension: 34mm x 17mm x 12mm
  • The use of imported dual-MOS parallel active output, lower resistance, more current, strong power at room temperature, 15A, 400W, to meet the most use of the equipment
  • Wide voltage, the perfect support for PWM
  • Easily control high power devices
  • Input PWM to achieve motor speed control, lamp brightness control

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  • High-power MOSFET Trigger Switch Drive Module x1
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Switch Drive High-power MOSFET Trigger Module

Switch Drive High-power MOSFET Trigger Module

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