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Standalone AVR ISP Programmer

It is specifically designed for people who want to program Atmega328P's to turn them into Arduino bootloader chips using an AVR-ISP sketch, but it can also be used to make a 'standalone' AVR ISP programmer - so that you can program blank chips without a computer! We use this set up in the shop to program chips for our kits. You need a blank ATmega328P DIP chip so you can get to programming immediately!


  • 32 I/O pin all the leads.
  • Classic ATmega16 minimum system, eliminating the hassle of soldering.
  • Crystal: The socket hole welding facilitates the buyer to replace the crystal, 8M crystal.
  • Support chips: ATmega16 / ATmega32 and chip which pin-compatible.
  • Power supply: power adapter or external expansion pin power supply (not support ISP download interface power supply)
  • DC-005 Power Block (supporting the transposon is 5.5*2.1mm).
  • Expand outside 4 channel VCC, GND.
  • Reset: Power-on-reset and reset button.
  • Power LED (D1) and the program run indicator (D2).
  • Standard ISP download interface.

Standalone AVR ISP Programmer

Standalone AVR ISP Programmer

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