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Solder Flux Rosin Paste 150g

The Solder Flux Rosin Paste with a capacity of 150g boasts several features and specifications:

  1. Capacity: Contains 150g of solder flux paste, providing a sufficient amount for multiple soldering applications.

  2. Viscosity: The viscosity of 1 Pa•S indicates the paste's consistency, which is likely to be moderately thick, allowing it to adhere well to surfaces without dripping excessively.

  3. Granularity: With a granularity of 1μm (micrometer), the flux paste likely contains fine particles, ensuring smooth application and uniform distribution during soldering.

  4. Neutral pH: Maintains a neutral pH level of 7 ± 0.3, which is crucial for preventing any adverse effects on the materials being soldered.

  5. Low Residue: Leaves few residues after soldering, eliminating the need for extensive cleaning. This feature helps save time and effort during the soldering process.

  6. Excellent Solderability: Provides excellent solderability, ensuring strong and reliable solder joints.

  7. High Joint Intensity: Results in solder joints with high mechanical strength, enhancing the durability and reliability of connections.

  8. Good Immersion: Facilitates the immersion of components in solder, ensuring uniform coverage and reliable solder joints.

  9. Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive: Contains no poisonous substances and does not corrode materials, ensuring safety and longevity of soldered components.

  10. Good Insulation: Offers strong insulation properties, preventing electrical short circuits and ensuring the reliability of electronic devices.

  11. Smooth Welding Surface: Produces smooth and clean welding surfaces, enhancing the appearance and functionality of soldered connections.

  12. No Deterioration: Does not deteriorate over time, ensuring consistent performance and reliability throughout its lifespan.

  13. Stable Performance and Low Volatility: Maintains stable performance and exhibits low volatility during soldering operations, contributing to consistent soldering results.

  14. No Irritating Smell: Does not produce any irritating smell during use, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

  15. Suitable for Various Applications: Ideal for soldering applications in mobile phones, PC cards, BGAs, and other precision electronic chip-level components.

Overall, the Solder Flux Rosin Paste offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits, making it a reliable choice for various soldering tasks, including those requiring precision and reliability.

Solder Flux Rosin Paste 150g

Solder Flux Rosin Paste 150g

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