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Shell Case Holder LCD display LCD 1602 Acrylic

Introducing the ultimate acrylic holder designed specifically for your LCD needs. This isn't just any holder; it's a testament to precision engineering and aesthetic enhancement for your projects. Crafted from high-quality acrylic sheets, this holder promises not just durability but also an impeccable fit for a 16x2 LCD screen.

Design & Assembly: The design splits into four distinct parts, ensuring a streamlined assembly process. Utilizing M3 screws, the holder comes together seamlessly, providing a sturdy and secure base for your LCD. Additionally, mounting your LCD is a breeze, requiring only four screws and nuts to affix it firmly in place. This design not only ensures your LCD stays secure but also allows for easy assembly and disassembly as needed.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its protective capabilities, this acrylic holder elevates the visual appeal of your project. Its clear, sleek lines add a touch of sophistication, making your LCD setup stand out. Whether for hobby projects or professional presentations, this holder adds a layer of polished aesthetics that complements the functionality of your LCD.

Quick Specifications:

  • Screen Size Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a 2.5-inch screen, making it a perfect match for standard 16x2 LCD displays.
  • Material: Crafted from premium acrylic sheets, ensuring both durability and clarity.
  • Parts: Divided into four easily assembled parts, providing a hassle-free setup.
  • Mounting: Includes provisions for M3 screws and nuts, ensuring a secure and stable mount for your LCD.

Whether you're looking to protect your LCD from the rigors of use or want to add a stylish flair to your project, this acrylic LCD holder is the ideal choice. It offers the perfect combination of functionality, protection, and aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to any project.

Shell Case Holder LCD display LCD 1602 Acrylic

Shell Case Holder LCD display LCD 1602 Acrylic

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