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Accelerometer 6-Axis LSM6DSL

Put simply, gyroscopes and accelerometers can both measure the orientation of a device. Gyroscopes measure rotational velocity which you can integrate to determine the angle. While accelerometers measure the gravitational acceleration which you can use to compute an angle trigonometrically, both sensors work hand in hand to produce accurate data of your device's orientation.

The LSM6DS3 is a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope sensor integrated on a single chip.  It uses embedded processing interrupt functions and an 8-kB buffer which are standards good enough for smartphone hardware. 


  • Applications Motion tracking and gesture detection, indoor navigation, vibration monitoring and compensation, etc.
  • On-board modules LSM6DSL
  • Key Features Power consumption: 0.4 mA in combo normal and 0.65 mA in combo high-performance mode; hard, soft ironing for external magnetic sensor corrections
  • Interface I2C,SPI
  • Input Voltage 3.3V


  • 1 x Accelerometer 6-Axis LSM6DSL
  • Header pins

  • Datasheet

Accelerometer 6-Axis LSM6DSL

Accelerometer 6-Axis LSM6DSL

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