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SD Card Breakout Board for Arduino

SD Card can be an easy way of storing and accessing non-volatile data. You may add this module to your Arduino monitoring projects.

You may connect this SD card socket module to your Arduino by using its SPI (MISO MOSI SCL SCK) pins. This module is 5V / 3.3V operated. You may use a microSD card together with an SD Card Adapter.

Reading and writing data won't be that hard as there is a ready-made library within the Arduino IDE. Here is a reference on how you can wire your SD Card Breakout Board to your Arduino.

  • CS: D4
  • MOSI: D11
  • MISO: D12
  • SCL: D13


  • Voltage: 5V or 3.3V
  • SPI communication
  • SD card, SDHC card, and TF card compatible
  • Fully supported SD Library
  • Supported Card Type: SD card(<=16G); Micro SD card (<=2G); SDHC card(<=16G)

SD Card Breakout Board for Arduino

SD Card Breakout Board for Arduino

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