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Screw Shield for Arduino

This Screw Shield is perfect for your wire extensive Arduino projects. It provides an extension to all the pins on your Arduino out to a 3.5mm pitch screw terminal which can secure your connections quite impressively. If fits with the UNO, MEGA 2560, and similar form factors. Also, it provides 5V and GND rails, a reset button, and built-in green LED indicator. In case you need a breadboard with this shield, this breadboard can fit on top of it. 

  • Built-in Reset Switch
  • Built-in LED w/ current limiting resistor
  • Board Dimensions L x W 62 x 74mm (2.4 x 2.9″)
Library: None
  • 1 x Screw Shield for Arduino 
Documents: None

Screw Shield for Arduino

Screw Shield for Arduino

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