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Rotary Angle Sensor CJMCU 103

If you are looking for a sensor that could read the angle of rotation of a DC motor, this sensor provides you an excellent glance at the rotational angle of DC motors. That's just one of the applications in which you could use this sensor.

It uses a linear potentiometer as its sensing medium. The rotational angle changes the potentiometer resistance, as well as the output voltage. It works with 5V power supply, and in temperatures of -40°C to 85°C. It has a rotational torque of 1mN.m or It also has a linearity of ±2%, with the total resistance of 10kΩ and tolerance of ±30%.

It has a dustproof enclosure making the sensor reading stable even after a long time. It has a rotation life of 300k; you wouldn't even reach half of it on regular use.

Integrating this sensor is easy as you would only be needing 3 wires to connect this to your microcontroller. 2 pins are for the power supply and 1 for the data pin connected to the analog pin of your Arduino.

Rotary Angle Sensor CJMCU 103

Rotary Angle Sensor CJMCU 103

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