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Relay Module 10A 1 Channel

Relay Module 10A 1 Channel A Relay is a digital switch to control much higher voltages and currents than your normal Arduino boards do. When inputs a logic voltage, the relay will switch to allow current to flow or cutoff, depending on your wiring. A Relay usually consists of a coil, 1 common terminal, 1 normally closed terminal, and one normally open terminal. When the coil is energized, the common terminal and the normally open terminal will have continuity. The terminal pitch is 5mm.

Why do we want to use a relay and do we really need to? Anytime you want to switch on/off a device that draws more current or works with a high voltage, you'll need to use a relay, such as controlling headlights, parking lights, horns, etc. There are also the 4-Channel Relay Module and 8-Channel Relay Module for your option. Please Note that Connect the VCC to JD-VCC with the jumper when using.


  • Control Voltage: 5V DC
  • Max Control Capacity:10A@250VAC or 10A@30VDC

1 Channel Relay Module (5V) – Description

A power relay module is an electronic component or switch that manages the electric current through on and off profiles. The electromagnetic unit is an electrical switch that is used to operate high voltage electronic appliances such as fans, heaters, and others. Since an Arduino operates only at 5V, hence, it can't control the high voltage products directly. This is where the role of a relay module emerges. It helps you manage high voltage equipment by just embedding a relay module into your Arduino or other projects.

The 1-channel relay board is an easy-to-use and simple module that operates on 5V voltage. Users can implement the unit to control a 240V power product through Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many other microcontrollers as well as low voltage circuits. It allows you to enjoy perfection through projects for 240V appliances, including fans, heaters, lights, and others. Also, it can operate electric motors with higher power at a lower voltage.

Furthermore, the relay module executes the high-quality relay that permits you to manage operations up to the capacity of 10A/250 V AC or 15A/125V AC. The unit features a single channel on the top of the interface having three connections:

  • Common
  • Normally Open
  • Normally Closed

Each connection protrudes through 3-pin screw terminals to facilitate you while making and removing connections. Furthermore, the relay module also comprises two LED light indicators in the form of red and green lights. The red light indicates the power status while the other one implies the reliable power flows. It can bear the control inputs across a greater range of voltages from 4V to 12V.

Features and Specifications

Being an electronic switch, the relay module helps users control the flow of electricity with on and off functions. It decides to let the current pass through or not depending upon the strength of the unit. The top area hosts a single channel like a cube and there are also multi-channel modules as well such as two-channel, four-channel, and eight-channel, etc.

  • Single-channel relay unit
  • Power supply indications
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Control indicator lamp
  • High impedance control pin
  • Triode drive (increasing relay coil)
  • Three connections for different purposes
  • Useful in controlling various appliances
  • Pull-down circuit for avoidance

Relay Module 10A 1 Channel

Relay Module 10A 1 Channel

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