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Relay Large Current Module 30A

The Relay Large Current Module 30A is the most common used module in actually application such as home automation, and sometimes you need to control large current such as the air conditioning/water heater. That is what this Large Current Relay Module can be help. 

This Large Current Relay Module is a high quality Single Pole double Throw Relay(SPST). When the relay not triggered, the 2 outputs is disconnected; when the relay triggered(Logic Low), the 2 outputs connected, the max current can be up to 30A@240VAC or 30A@30VDC, which would be enough for most of the home appliances.


  • Size: 75mm x 30mm x 22mm;
  • Control Voltage: 5V
  • Nominal Current: 185mA

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Relay Large Current Module 30A

Relay Large Current Module 30A

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