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Relay Large Current 30A 2 Channel Module

The 2-Channel 30A Relay Module is a powerful and versatile solution designed to control various appliances and equipment that require a significant current load. With a maximum control capacity of 30A at either 250VAC or 30VDC, this module is suitable for a wide range of high-power applications. It is compatible with several microcontrollers, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, and TTL logic, making it an ideal choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Key Features:

  • Working Voltage: DC 5V, ensuring compatibility with standard microcontroller power supplies.
  • Max Control Capacity: Capable of handling up to 30A@250VAC or 30A@30VDC, suitable for controlling large appliances or equipment.
  • Active Level: Can be set to High or Low via a 2x2 header, providing flexibility in control logic to match your project requirements.
  • Optocoupler Isolation: Incorporates an optocoupler to isolate the microcontroller from the relay, protecting your microcontroller from high voltage risks. The relay is activated using the LED light of the Optocoupler IC, ensuring no physical connection between the microcontroller and the relay.
  • Microcontroller Compatibility: Directly controllable by popular microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, or any TTL logic device. This feature makes it highly versatile for integration into various projects.
  • Power and Logic Operation: Requires a 5V power supply for the module and supports logic operation levels of 3.3V/5V, accommodating a wide range of microcontroller specifications.

Package List:

  • 1 x 2-Channel Relay Module (30A)

Applications: This relay module is perfect for DIY projects and professional applications where controlling high-power devices is necessary. It can be used in home automation systems, industrial equipment control, high-power LED lighting control, motor control, and much more. The optocoupler isolation feature provides an added layer of protection for sensitive microcontroller circuits, making it a safe choice for controlling high-voltage devices.

Note: When using this module, it's essential to ensure that the control logic level (High or Low) is correctly set to match your microcontroller's output. Additionally, considering the high current and voltage this module can control, proper safety precautions should be taken to avoid electrical hazards.

Relay Large Current 30A 2 Channel Module

Relay Large Current 30A 2 Channel Module

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