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Relay 12V Timer Delay NE555 Module


  • DIMENSIO: 6.8CM * 2.1CM 
  • IC: NE555


  • Delay time adjustable (0- 10s)
  • You can add the delay time by adding potentiometer;
  • You can increase the delay time by increasing the capacitor C1; 
  • With the input power indicator;
  • With relay actuation indicator;
  • This relay can control device below AC 220V/10A (Max 2000W)
  • With relay freewheeling protection;
  • Delay time formula: T = 1.1RC. For example: Capacitor 100uf resistance 100K T = 10.1 * 100000 * 0.0001 = 11s
  • When the power is on, the relay is time-delay closing:
  • When you offer 12v to the relay, it will not pull in immediately and the output status >>Normal open is not connected with common, while Normal close connected with Common; after 1-10s(adjustable) delay, Normal open is connected with Common while Normal close disconnect with Common.


  • Apply with mobile unit, delay the connection to prevent excessive current damaging the device;
  • Prevent burning appliances when multiple devices are simultaneously starting and causing over-current. 

Relay 12V Timer Delay NE555 Module

Relay 12V Timer Delay NE555 Module

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