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Raspberry Pi GPIO Extension Board

You may have noticed that the MCU on Raspberry Pi is much more complicated than the one on Arduinos. It is usually BGA encapsulated, and stacked with one DDR memory. That means short circuiting the GPIO can be fatal - burning the CPU on Raspberry Pi, and unlike the UNO, there is no comeback.

So we made this GPIO Extension Board for Raspberries Pi, with protection design. Normally there is no level conversion on extension boards, which means inadequate load capacity which may lead to malfunctions. This extension board uses 74hc244, 74hc125 for level conversion, SI2303 for I2C level conversion, which effectively solves the problem, and protects your circuit from burning by mistakes. Compatible with all kinds of breadboards, easy to build upon all kinds of prototyping projects.

​​Note: For medium-size breadboards, the interface is not aligned with the middle of the bread, please insert the left power pins on top left while needle skip down one hole with the right power pin, as shown in picture.


  • Supply 3.3v and 5v voltage output
  • Bidirectional Voltage-Level Translator GPIO protection board
  • Converte voltage level between 3.3v and 5v for GPIOs, SPI, I2C and Serial port
  • Compatible with most of Arduino sensors as well as protecting the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins from voltage spikes and static discharge
  • Compatible with most breadboards for prototyping
  • Dimension: 5x4x2cm



  • Rasperry Pi GPIO Extension Board x1
  • IDC26 Cable 20cm x1

Raspberry Pi GPIO Extension Board

Raspberry Pi GPIO Extension Board

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