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PWM Pulse Width Modulator 12V to 40V 10A

You could use this module in controlling the speed of your DC Motors, or brightness of your lights. This module makes the power consumption lesser by making its duty cycle(percentage of the period that the power is on) lower. 

As an example, the duty cycle of light at full brightness is 100%. As you dim the light, the duty cycle (power consumption as well) decreases. The frequency(cycles per second) determines how fast the PWM completes a cycle. In an example, 1kHz would be 1000 cycles per second)

This module could work with voltages from 12V - 40V DC, with power from .01W- 400W, and a stand by the current of 20mA. The duty cycle is adjustable from 10% - 100%.

We also have a compact version with a smaller voltage range.


  • Working Voltage: DC12V to DC40V
  • Power: 0.01-400W
  • Standby Current: 0.02A
  • Duty Range: 10%-100%
  • PWM Frequency: 13KHz

PWM Pulse Width Modulator 12V to 40V 10A

PWM Pulse Width Modulator 12V to 40V 10A

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