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Battery Holder 18650 Dual Slot with DC Plug

Battery Holder 18650 Dual Slot with DC Plug - This is a battery holder that only suits for 18650. It can be screwed on a robot chassis. The DC Plug can fit for 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD


  • Size: 75mm x 41mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 15g

People Also ask:

Ques1) What is a battery holder used for?

Ans 1) A battery holder's main job is to maintain the cells fastened in place safe and secure while transferring power from the batteries to the target device. The most common methods for making external connections on battery holders are contacts with pins, surface mount feet, soldered lugs, or a series of wire leads. A battery holder is often sold as a fixed or detachable cavity or compartment that may be inserted into or mounted on a compatible piece of cell-powered equipment.

Although they are commonly supplied as external chambers or additions, battery holders are frequently designed to be integrated into the physical structure of an electrical device. In either case, some of the most crucial aspects to take into account when selecting a suitable battery holder for a certain application would include:

  • Battery size
  • Compatible cell types
  • Contact/terminal style
  • Battery mounting and insertion method
  • Unit size and shape
  • Battery holder cover and housing design
  • Build quality and manufacturer reputation
When designing systems, battery holders are frequently not given enough consideration. However, a solid battery holder is a crucial element that boosts the system's overall reliability.

Q2: What is the lifespan of a 18650 battery?

The normal cycle life of contemporary 18650 batteries is between 300 and 500. (Charge, discharge cycles). This can significantly drop to 200 cycles under high-amp or high-drain conditions. If the maximal discharge current limit (A) is exceeded, the cycle life might be reduced to just 50 cycles.

Q3: Why should 18650 batteries be recycled?

Li-ion batteries are encouraging people to adopt new ways of thinking about the world. The new mantra is to "reuse rather than dispose of." The "green fuel" powering solar farms and electric automobiles is provided by lithium-ion batteries. High-quality copper, aluminum, and rare-earth metals can still be found in lithium-ion batteries that are dead. Reusing these metals is considered more environmentally friendly than letting them rot at the bottom of a landfill. Bring your dead cells to the closest drop-off location the next time you have them.

The lithium-ion type of rechargeable battery lasts longer than most. The majority of 18650 batteries have a rating of 300 to 500 cycles. This means that your cell may charge up to 4.2 volts and discharge down to 2.5 to 2.8 volts for up to 300 to 500 times without suffering too much performance loss. The performance loss of a 18650 cell as it approaches its end of life is swift and sudden.

Battery Holder 18650 Dual Slot with DC Plug

Battery Holder 18650 Dual Slot with DC Plug

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