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5-Way Tactile Switch Breakout

If you are looking for a joystick that is capable of moving in 2 axes and with a smaller form factor, then you are just on the right page.

This module mimics the functions of a larger version of it, a joystick. It has 5 output pins for up, down, left, right, and center-click. It can be powered with 5V and has a built-in pull-up resistor to make the readings accurate. The resistors also make the output HIGH when unpressed and LOW otherwise.

It could be connected to your Arduino using 5 digital pins as well as the power supply (VCC/GND).

You could use this module in projects with movement control like a Bluetooth control 4WD mobile platform.

5-Way Tactile Switch Breakout

5-Way Tactile Switch Breakout

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