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Strain Gauge Sensor BF350 3AA 5PCS

The Strain Gauge Sensor BF350 3AA is a resistance strain gauge. Composed of modified phenolic. It is primarily used for pressure and weighing purposes. 


  • Size L x W: 6.9mm x 3.2mm
  • The key technical indexes: BF series
  • Strain limit: 2.0%
  • fatigue life:≥1M
  • Resistance: 350 ohms
  • Contrast: 800: 1 (Min) (transmission)
  • Sensitivity coefficient: 2.00-2.20
  • Using temperature range: -30--+80
  • Tolerance of average resistance: ≤±0.1%
  • Sensitive coefficient dispersion:≤±1%
  • Temperature self compensation coefficient: 9,11,16,23,27

Strain Gauge Sensor BF350 3AA 5PCS

Strain Gauge Sensor BF350 3AA 5PCS

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