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Color Recognition Sensor TCS3200 Module for Arduino

Color Recognition Sensor TCS3200 Module for Arduino - This module is based on the TCS3200 chip, an upgraded version of the TCS230, which is a programmable color light to frequency converter, making it ideal for adding color sensing capabilities to your projects.

This module can detect the color of the objects even when placed in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions about Color Recognition Sensor TCS3200 Module for Arduino

Q1: What does the colour recognition sensor module TCS3200 do?

A tool that can recognise and identify colours is the TCS3200 Colour Recognition Sensor module. It can precisely gauge the intensity of various colours thanks to the integration of a light-to-frequency converter and a number of photodetectors. Applications like colour sorting, colour detection, and color-based automation frequently employ the module in Arduino projects.

Q2: The TCS3200 Colour Recognition Sensor module's operation is described.

To analyse colours, the TCS3200 module makes use of a number of photodetectors and white LEDs. When a colour is presented to the sensor, white LEDs illuminate the item, and photodetectors assess the strength of the reflected light at various frequencies. The module then transforms the light intensity into a digital signal that an Arduino or other microcontrollers can read to determine the colour of anything.

Q3: Which hues is the TCS3200 Colour Recognition Sensor module capable of recognising?

The primary colors—red, green, and blue—as well as their mixtures may all be detected by the TCS3200 module. It distinguishes between distinct colour hues and tints by gauging the strength of light at various frequencies.

Q4: Can the TCS3200 module properly identify colours?

Although the TCS3200 module can identify colours with a fair amount of accuracy, it might not be able to tell the difference between shades of the same colour or under various lighting situations. Ambient light, sensor calibration, and the substance or surface being detected can all have an impact on accuracy. When dealing with colour recognition apps, it's crucial to calibrate the module and take these things into account.

Q5: Can applications for colour sorting use the TCS3200 module?

The TCS3200 module is very often employed in colour sorting applications. You may programme your Arduino to operate a sorting mechanism depending on the colours observed by calibrating the sensor and setting colour thresholds. For instance, you may group items on a conveyor belt into various bins according on their colour.

Q6: Is it possible to calibrate the TCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor module?

Yes, calibration is an essential step to ensure accurate color recognition with the TCS3200 module. Calibration involves measuring the intensity of known colors and adjusting the module's settings accordingly. By comparing the readings with known color values, you can create a calibration table or algorithm that maps the sensor's readings to specific colors. Calibration procedures are often provided in the module's documentation or libraries.

Q7: Are there any alternative color recognition sensors to the TCS3200 module?

Yes, there are alternative color recognition sensors available apart from the TCS3200 module. Some popular alternatives include the TCS34725 RGB color sensor, the Ada fruit Color Sensor module, and the SparkFunQwiic RGB and Gesture Sensor.

These sensors may offer additional features or improved accuracy compared to the TCS3200 module, but they may also have different interfaces and require separate libraries or example codes. It's advisable to compare the specifications and capabilities of different sensors to choose the one that best suits your project requirements.


  • Power supply: 3-5v
  • Anti-light interference
  • Controllable White LED
  • Can detect non-luminous object color
  • Best detection distance: 1cm

Color Recognition Sensor TCS3200 Module for Arduino

Color Recognition Sensor TCS3200 Module for Arduino

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