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Capacitive Proximity Sensor LJC18A3-H-Z / BY

Capacitive Proximity Sensor LJC18A3-H-Z / BY - The use of a capacitive proximity sensor is to detect the presence or absence of objects using a magnetic field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proximity capacitive sensor?

Sensing devices called capacitive proximity sensors (CPS) are made to find both metallic and nonmetallic objects. They can pick up lightweight or tiny items that mechanical devices cannot.

What is the range of the capacitive proximity sensor?

Capacitive proximity sensors usually have a detecting range of a few millimeters to around 1 in. (or 25 mm), while some sensors have an extended range of up to 2 in. However, applications where capacitive sensors must detect items through a material, such as a bag, bin, or box, are where they really shine.

How does a capacitive proximity sensor work?

By monitoring changes in capacitance between the sensor and an item, capacitive proximity sensors track movement. The amount of capacitance is affected by factors like distance and object size. Briefly said, the sensor tracks any differences in capacity created between the two.

Why capacitive sensors are used?

An electrical gadget called a capacitive sensor may detect solid or liquid objects without coming into touch with them. Capacitive sensors produce an electrical field from their detecting end in order to detect these objects. A capacitive sensor can identify any object that might interrupt this electrical field.

What is the purpose of proximity sensor?

A proximity sensor is a device that has the ability to sense the presence or approach of nearby objects without making direct contact with them. Different types of proximity sensors exist. Inductive sensors are used to find metallic items in close proximity.

What is the capacitive principle?

The functioning of a capacitor serves as the foundation for the capacitive measurement concept. When voltage is given to a capacitor, an electric field is formed between two conducting plates. The term "capacitance" (C) refers to a capacitor's capacity to store an electric charge that depends on the voltage

Quick Specs:

  • Product Name: Proximity Switch
  • Specifications Model: LJC18A3-H-Z / BY
  • Tip diameter: ~15mm
  • Dimensions: 70 x 30 mm
  • Detection Method: Capacitive
  • Output Type: PNP
  • Detection Range: +- 10 mm
  • Detecting: metal and non-metallic such as plastic, glass, water, oil
  • Operating voltage: DC 6 to 36V
  • Weight: 84g

Capacitive Proximity Sensor LJC18A3-H-Z / BY

Capacitive Proximity Sensor LJC18A3-H-Z / BY

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