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Transistor Pack TO-92 Form

The common transistor to get started with your basic electronic projects. A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify and switch electronic signals and electrical power.

As this pack is packed manually, maybe one or two are differences in quantity. 


  • S9012 x10
  • S9013 x10
  • S9014 x10
  • S9015 x10
  • S9018 x10
  • A1015 x10
  • C1815 x10
  • A42 x10
  • A92 x10
  • 2N5401 x10
  • 2N5551 x10
  • A733 x10    
  • C945 x10
  • S8050 x10
  • S8550 x10
  • 2N3906 x10
  • 2N3904 x10

Transistor Pack TO-92 Form

Transistor Pack TO-92 Form

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