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DC Motor 550 Black Shell 12V D-Axis

Aside from the fact that it has a kickass black color, this DC Motor 550 has a low-noise, extended oil brushing and internal rotor multi-pole winding. 

When 7.4V is applied:

  • No-load speed: 10400 rev / min
  • load supply current: 1A
  • Maximum Efficacy: Efficacy 71%
  • General load: Torque 42.441mN-m, the speed of 8984 rev / min, current 6.3A, power 32.41W
  • Maximum load: Torque 155.842mN-M, speed: 5465 rev / min, current 19.62A, power 68.88W
  • Voltage range: 6-18v
  • Motor shaft diameter: about 2.4mm height,3.175mm D type shaft
  • Motor shaft: 13mm
  • Motor diameter: 36mm
  • Motor length: 60mm
  • Mounting holes: Distance 25mm, 3mm screw holes
  • Weight: 250g

DC Motor 550 Black Shell 12V D-Axis

DC Motor 550 Black Shell 12V D-Axis

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