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USB Booster Cable DC5V To DC12V Cable

One of the most common problems in interfacing motors is that some require higher voltages microcontrollers don't support. Arduinos, for example, work with 5V. If you need to power up a motor with a 12V rating, it will simply not work. This item makes for a great alternative. This USB Booster cable has a built-in voltage booster circuit that converts USB 5V into 12V via a DC jack. Now you can use power banks or even your laptop to power up high voltage components like motors. You can also use this cable to power up routers when you're in a remote location or there's a blackout. 

Note: Connecting your computer to a high voltage component can damage your computer's hardware. Treat it as a last alternative or make sure you compute the ratings before plugging your components to your computer. 


  • USB input voltage: 5V
  • DC output voltage: 12V
  • DC plug size: 5.5mm(Outside Diameter)*2.1mm(Inside diameter)
  • Cable length:1M
Library: None

Inclusions: 1 x USB Booster Cable DC5V To DC12V Cable

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USB Booster Cable DC5V To DC12V Cable

USB Booster Cable DC5V To DC12V Cable

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